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Dmitry Kaminskiy Presents at Big Data Science in Medicine 2014

Dmitry Kaminskiy spoke on the subject of advances in longevity research at the Big Data Science in Medicine Conference 2014, co-hosted by Deep Knowledge Ventures, the Biogerontology Research Foundation and Oxford University Scientific Society.

The event brought together leading lights from artificial intelligence, biomedical science and regenerative medicine for an evening of talks and discussion in Oxford with the ambition of accelerating research on ageing.

Speakers included:    

  • Alex Zhavoronkov, BGRF and InSilico Medicine    

  • Avi Roy, OUSS, SynOx, BITM and OxTET    

  • Aubrey de Grey, SENS Research Foundation    

  • João Pedro de Magalhães, University of Liverpool    

  • Riva-Melissa Tez, Project X    

  • Dmitry Kaminskiy, Deep Knowledge Ventures    

  • Geoffrey Furlonger, Aging Analytics

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