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DeepTech Engineering the Accelerated Trajectory of Human Longevity: The Blueprint and Pathway from Longevity Industry 1.0 to 2.0

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In “Longevity Industry 1.0 - Defining the Biggest and Most Complex Industry in Human History”, we distilled the complex assembly of deep market intelligence and industry knowledge that Deep Knowledge Group has developed over the past 5 years into a full-scope understanding of the global Longevity Industry, showing the public exactly how the international consortium of commercial and non-profit entities managed to define the overwhelmingly complex and multidimensional Longevity Industry for the first time, and how they created tangible framework for its systematization and forecasting.

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In reality, Longevity is the deepest of all DeepTech sectors, and occupies the very forefront of advanced biomedicine, sitting at the intersection of many domains of DeepTech and Frontier Technologies. The industry’s intersection with, and reliance upon, advanced technologies does not, however, exclude or preclude the fact that it is also deeply interconnected with specific behavioural and lifestyle interventions. What it does mean, however, is that the scope and sophistication of technology-based tools and methods of optimizing day-to-day Healthy Longevity are large, rapidly increasing, and much broader (and deeper) than many people may realize, extending far beyond simplistic approaches involving diet, exercise and supplements, encompassing DeepTech products and services that are becoming increasingly available to the consumer.

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Whereas Longevity Industry 1.0 charted the inception and rise of the industry up to 2020, and provided the methodology and framework for defining and analyzing the industry, its sequel, ‘Longevity Industry 2.0: DeepTech Engineering the Accelerated Trajectory of Human Longevity - The Blueprint and Pathway from Longevity Industry 1.0 to 2.0’, outlines Deep Knowledge Group’s recent work towards formulating the pathway to Longevity Industry 2.0, and presents the framework for safeguarding the sector’s current upward trajectory and ensuring its optimized, sustainable growth towards its next stage and the realization of its practical benefits for humanity by the year 2030. The book outlines several issues (and proposed solutions) that we believe constitute the foremost bottlenecks and risks to a continuing, positive trajectory of development in Longevity science, policy, industry, finance and investment, and present a preliminary preview of the frameworks we are developing to help strategic decision makers, industry participants and the general public take greater control over the actual, real-world development of both the Longevity Industry and Healthy Human Longevity.

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Meanwhile, the next book in the series, ‘Longevity Industry 3.0: Stable Acceleration of Longevity Industrialization to Achieve its Practical Humanitarian Impact by the Year 2027’, will present the framework and toolsets required to maximize the positive societal benefits and neutralize the potentially detrimental consequences of Longevity, and how to accelerate its major practical impacts (including economic growth and stabilization and additional socially-inclusive HALE and QALY-years for humanity ahead of standard timelines - not in 10 years, but in 7.

2010-2020: Evolution of the Longevity

Industry from Zero to 1.0

  • The Industrialization of Longevity

  • The Current State of Longevity Science, Business, Finance, and Practical Applications

  • Longevity Becomes National Priority Item for the Strategic Agenda of Progressive Governments

  • Transforming the Challenge and Deficit of Aging into the Opportunity and Asset of Longevity

  • Defining and De-Risking: Hype vs. Reality

2020-2025: DeepTech Engineering The Accelerated Trajectory of Human Longevity - The Blueprint and Pathway from 1.0 to 2.0

  • Global Industrialization of Longevity to Scale

  • The Evolution from Longevity Start-ups to Multi-Trillion Dollar Longevity Corporations

  • How AI-Driven Preventive Medicine will Disrupt BioTech and Healthcare Industries 

  • Novel Financial Instruments and InvestTech Solutions

  • The Rise of Progressive Longevity MegaHubs

PART I. The Evolution from 1.0 to 2.0
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The Evolution from 1.0 (Defining the Industry) to 2.0 (Applying the Framework for Industry Harmonization and Investment De-Risking)

  • How to Apply the Longevity Industry Frameworks Presented in Longevity Industry 1.0 to Optimize Strategic Decision Making and Direct the Industry’s Evolving Future

  • Major Challenges, Opportunities, and Recommendations for Longevity Companies, Investors, Progressive Governments and Policy-Makers

  • Longevity as a Major Component and Outcome of the Fifth Industrial Revolution

  • Using Tangible Longevity Industry Analytics to De-Risk Investments, Execute Relevant Industrial Strategies and National Development Plans

  • Market-Ready Tools, Technologies, Analytical Dashboards and Frameworks to Achieve Tangible Results in Practical Healthy Human Longevity by the Year 2030

PART II. The Present and Future of Longevity Policy & Governance
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The Present and Future of Longevity Policy & Governance:
The Rise of Longevity Technocracies, the Concept of ‘Longevity Valley’

  • The Rise of Progressive Longevity MegaHubs and Technocracies

  • The Concept of Longevity Valley: The World’s First Full-Scale Longevity MegaHub

  • Benchmarking National and Local Industrial Strategies, Policies and Initiatives

  • Updated International Benchmarking and Forecasts of National Healthy Longevity

  • How Longevity Will Determine the Outcome of National Elections by the Year 2025

  • Longevity Ethics: How Potential Negative Societal Outcomes Resulting from Longevity Can be Proactively Optimized to Ensure Socially Inclusive and Ethical Global Longevity Harmonization

  • Longevity Policy Big Data Analytics Dashboards (SWOT Analysis, Continuous Monitoring. Regional Comparisons and Practical Recommendation Packs)

PART III. The Longevity Financial Industry’s Past, Present and Future
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The Longevity Financial Industry’s Past, Present and Future

Longevity Stock Exchange, Index and Financial Instruments

  • Modern Tools to Bridge the Longevity Industry’s Big Liquidity GAP

  • Benchmarking of Outdated, Modern and Progressive Approaches

  • Updated recommendations and forecasts for Investment and Retail Banks, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Financial Services and FinTech Companies

  • Financial Futurism - Engineered Solutions to the Big Liquidity Gap

  • Longevity Stock Exchange, Investment Bank, Index Fund & Financial Instruments

  • Longevity Futures, Shorting, ETFs, Micro-Index Funds, & Technology Marketplaces

  • The Future of Longevity Financial Instruments: Derivatives Tied to the Longevity Industry, Sectors, Technologies, and entire National Healthcare Systems, Pension Systems, Population-level National Healthy Longevity & Longevity Economies 

PART IV. The Science of Longevity
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The Science of Longevity:
2021 - 2025

  • Longevity Science (R&D Landscape Overview) 2021

  • The Current State of Longevity Clinical Trials

  • The Problem and Promise of Longevity Science

  • The Risk of Overreliance on Model Organisms and the Needed Paradigm Shift from Mice to Men

  • AI as the Major Accelerative Factor for Longevity Science R&D

  • The Future of Geroscience and Longevity R&D

  • Mice vs. Men, and the Paradigm Shift in Scientific Community Mindset toward Practical Human Validation

  • New Platforms and Approaches for Scientific Peer-Reviewed Practitioner Self-Experimentation and Therapeutic & Diagnostic Validation

PART V. Longevity Medicine and Technology
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Longevity Medicine and Technology: Engineering Market-Ready Pathways for Practical Human Longevity by 2030

  • Existing, Available and Off-the-Shelf Technologies, Techniques and Approaches
    for Optimizing Your Personal Healthy Longevity Today

  • Biomarkers of Human Longevity: Market-Ready Solutions for Companies, Investors, and National and Municipal Governments to Validate And Track Applications, Technologies and Approaches to Practical Healthy Human Longevity

  • The Longevity Industry’s Biggest Systemic Risk: Reliance on Animal Validation

  • Integral Platforms and Modern Technologies for Safe Human Experimentation and Reliable Validation of Longevity Technologies for Tangible Investment Decision Making, Investment and IPO De-Risking, and Industry Stabilization and Safeguarding

PART VI. Longevity Medicine and Technology
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Longevity Medicine and Technology:

Market-Ready Solutions for Practical Human Longevity

  • Current State and Future of Practical Human Longevity

  • Longevity Biomarkers: Market-Ready Tools for Optimizing Personal and National Healthy Longevity

  • Integral Platforms for Safe Human Experimentation and Validation

  • The use of Safe Human Validation Platforms for Tangible Investment Decision Making, Separating Hype vs. Reality, and Safeguarding/Stabilizing Longevity IPOs

  • NeuroTech and Longevity NeuroTech

  • Performance Enhancement and  Cognitive Optimization

  • SpaceTech and Space Medicine

  • Space Medicine as Modern Precedent for Safe Human Experimentation

  • Technical Convergence in Space Medicine (Protection & Prevention of Astronauts) and Practical Longevity

  • Advanced Cosmetics and FemTech

PART VII. Technologizing Human Performance
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Technologizing Human Performance:
The Pathway from Human 1.0 to Human 2.0

  • Convergences Between Longevity and Performance Enhancement

  • NeuroTech Special Case Study: Optimizing Cognitive Performance

  • SpaceTech Special Case Study: The Pathway from Mice on Earth to Men on Mars

  • AgeTech for All: Market Ready Approaches for Optimizing Non-Biomedical Aspects of Human Capacity and Performance

  • Increasing MArket Readiness of Longevity Technologies Will Pave the Way for Their Re-application Toward Human Performance

  • The Inevitable Intersection Between Human Health and Performance

  • Defining and Executing the Practical Pathway from Humanity 1.0 to Humanity 2.0

PART VIII. Ethics and Society
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Ethics and Society - Optimizing the Impact of

Longevity on Global Humanity

  • The Ethical and Societal Pros and Cons of Longevity

  • Best and Worst Case Outcomes of the  Industrialization

  • Neutralizing Potential Negative Outcomes of Longevity” Overpopulation (The Earth Needs More People, Not Less), Pollution (Technological Solutions to Global Toxification), and Equality: The Rich vs Poor Divide

  • The Framework for Optimizing Positive Outcomes & Neutralizing Negative Consequences of Global Longevity Industrialization

  • Social Psychology as the Major Roadblock or Accelerating Factor Impacting the Societal and Ethical Outcomes of Longevity Industry

  • Conservatism (Fear of Innovation) as Root Cause of Stagnation and Decline

  • Embracing the Engineering and DeepTech Mindset of Human

About the Author

Dmitry Kaminskiy is an innovative entrepreneur, investor, author and philanthropist dedicated to impact investment and ethical business, with a focus on engineering the accelerated trajectory of progressive technological development for the benefit of humanity.


Mr. Kaminskiy is a co-founder and managing partner of Deep Knowledge Group - a consortium of commercial and non-profit organizations active on many fronts in the realm of DeepTech and Frontier Technologies (AI, Longevity, Precision Medicine, FinTech, GovTech, InvestTech), ranging from scientific research to investment, entrepreneurship, analytics, policy and philanthropy.


  • He leads the activities of the consortium’s venture arms - Deep Knowledge Ventures, an investment fund focused on DeepTech and advanced science projects, and Longevity.Capital, which prioritizes the convergence of Longevity and Artificial Intelligence, areas in which it has unparalleled investment   and  exit  strategies.

  • He is a frequent speaker on the topics of AI and Longevity, including conferences organized in London by The Economist “Aging Societies and The Business of Longevity”, Financial Times “Smart Machines vs Smart People”, at the Future Finance Forum in Seoul “AI in Finance”, “Precision Medicine World Conference" in Silicon Valley, as well as several others at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. 

Mr. Kaminskiy serves as managing trustee of Biogerontology Research Foundation, the UK’s oldest Longevity focused charity, and provided the initial financial and organizational support for the formation of the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity (the world's first Longevity-focused parliamentary group) and Serving as a Co-Founder of the APPG’s Secretariat from 2019-2021.

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