Defining the biggest and most complex industry in human history


In “Longevity Industry 1.0 - Defining the Biggest and Most Complex Industry in Human History”, seasoned Longevity industry professionals Dmitry Kaminskiy and Margaretta Colangelo distill the complex assembly of deep market intelligence and industry knowledge that they have developed over the past 5 years into a full-scope understanding of the global Longevity Industry, showing the public exactly how they managed to define the overwhelmingly complex and multidimensional Longevity Industry for the first time, and how they created tangible framework for its systematization and forecasting.

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The book features first of its kind coverage of entirely new segments and sectors of the rising Longevity Industry, including Longevity Politics and Governance, the Longevity Financial Industry (including coverage of AgeTech, WealthTech, FinTech, and the coming rise of new financial instruments and derivatives), the current state and forecasts on the Global Industrialization of Longevity to Scale, and an overview of the near-future trajectory of the Longevity Industry’s  evolution 2020- 2025.

 2010-2020: Evolution of the Longevity

Industry from Zero to 1.0

  • The Industrialization of Longevity

  • The Current State of Longevity Science, Business, Finance, and Practical Applications

  • Longevity Becomes National Priority Item for the Strategic Agenda of Progressive Governments

  • Transforming the Challenge and Deficit of Aging into the Opportunity and Asset of Longevity

  • Defining and De-Risking: Hype vs. Reality  

2020-2025: DeepTech Engineering The Accelerated Trajectory of Human Longevity - The Blueprint and Pathway from 1.0 to 2.0

  • Global Industrialization of Longevity to Scale

  • The Evolution from Longevity Start-ups to Multi-Trillion Dollar Longevity Corporations

  • How AI-Driven Preventive Medicine will Disrupt BioTech and Healthcare Industries 

  • Novel Financial Instruments and InvestTech Solutions

  • The Rise of Progressive Longevity MegaHubs

PART I. Longevity Industry Mega-Complexity

Collision of Two Opposed MegaTrends

Longevity Industry Mega-Complexity

Challenges, Issues, Opportunities

  • The Unprecedented Complexity, Intersectionality and Multidimensionality of the Longevity Industry

  • Why Traditional Methods of BioTech Analytics, Forecasting, Benchmarking and Investment Strategy Will Fail For Longevity

  • The Need for New Analytical Methodologies and Frameworks Equal to the Complexity of the Longevity Industry

  • Longevity.Capital: Specialized Hybrid Investment Fund for Longevity-Industry De-Risking and Diversification

PART II. Longevity Policy and Governance
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Longevity Policy and Governance

Longevity Technocracies & MegaHubs

  • The Rise of Progressive Longevity MegaHubs and Technocracies

  • Longevity as Major National Priority Item of Progressive Governments’ Strategic Agendas

  • The Emergence of Longevity-Focused Parliamentary Groups and Government Bodies

  • National Longevity Industrial Strategies and Healthy Longevity Development Plans

  • How Longevity Will Determine the Outcome of National Elections by the Year 2025

PART III. Longevity Financial Industry
Longevity Industry 1.0 - Book Summary (4

The Longevity Financial Industry

Novel Longevity Derivatives and Health as New Wealth

  • The Increasing Role of Longevity in Global Finance

  • Longevity Embraced by the World’s Biggest Financial Corporations: Investment Banks, Insurance Companies, Asset Management Firms

  • Longevity Derivatives: New Business Models and Novel Financial Instruments Tied to the Rising Longevity Industry

  • AgeTech, WealthTech, FinTech

  • Why Traditional BioTech Analytics Fails  Against the Longevity Industry's Extreme Complexity

PART IV. Longevity Industry (Science and Biomedicine)

Longevity Industry
Global Industrialization of Longevity

  • Global Industrialization of Longevity to Scale 

  • Biggest and Most Complex Industry in Human History

  • The Need for Novel, Complex, Multidimensional Analytical Frameworks and De-Risking Methods

  • The Evolution from Longevity Start-ups to Multi-Trillion Dollar Longevity Corporations

  • How AI-driven Preventive Medicine and Novel InvestTech Solutions Will Disrupt BioTech and Healthcare Industries by 2025

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  • Innovative Entrepreneur and Investor in the fields of Longevity, Precision Medicine and AI

  • Co-Founder of Deep Knowledge Ventures, Deep Knowledge Analytics and Aging Analytics Agency

  • Managing Partner at Longevity.Capital

  • Head of International Development for the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity Secretariat Longevity International UK

  • Actively Involved in Advancing the Frontiers of Longevity Industry, Finance and Policy on Many Fronts


About the Co-Authors
  • 30+ Years Experience in Executive Management and Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley

  • Extensive Track Record of DeepTech Innovation Forecasting

  • Co-Founder of Deep Knowledge Ventures, Deep Knowledge Analytics and Aging Analytics Agency

  • Managing Partner at Longevity.Capital

  • Author of 60+ Articles on the Topics of Longevity, AI and DeepTech

  • Featured in Forbes, Fierce BioTech, MIT Technology Review and others