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Biomarkers Of Human Longevity

Biomarkers Of Human Longevity


Data Science for Accelerating Aging Research and R&D The Critical Catalyst for Practical Human Longevity Tangible Investment Decision Making and De-Risking


That book placed particular emphasis on the power that Biomarkers of Human Longevity have to serve as a major catalyst and accelerator of short-term practical applications, the translation of theory into practice, and industry de-risking, stabilization and sustainable growth across almost every major aspect, domain, and driving force of the Global Longevity MegaTrend, from business to scientific R&D, personal health optimization and Practical Human Longevity, the Longevity Financial Industry, investment decision-making, Longevity Industrialization, and Longevity Politics, Policy and Governance. Both the increasing amount of tangible developments that have occurred within this domain since the release of ‘Longevity Industry 1.0’ in September 2020, as well as the systematically increasing need for Longevity Industry participants and stakeholders of all kinds - scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, financiers and policy-makers to being on-boarding and utilizing Biomarkers of Human Longevity within their strategic decision-making processes, has led to the decision that the time has come for a dedicated book on this topic.

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