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Venture Capitalist Promises $1M To First Person To Reach 123rd Birthday

Venture capitalist Dmitry Kaminskiy thinks he has what it takes to lengthen people's life spans: a million-dollar prize, which he will award to the first person to beat the current longevity record and reach his or her 123rd birthday.


Managers Need to Understand A.I. Logic Before Using It as a Business Tool

Deep Knowledge Ventures, which has about 100 million euros under management, wanted a way to enforce a data-driven approach to investing, rather than relying on human intui­tion and personal interactions with founders.


Dmitry Kaminskiy on the Longevity Industry in the UK 

“The one billion retired people globally are a multi-trillion dollar opportunity for business,” said Dmitry Kaminskiy, co-author of the UK Longevity Industry Report and managing partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures, who was a panellist at last week’s event.


Two Longevity Experts Bet $1 Million Over Who Dies First

Longevity bet was between Dmitry Kaminskiy, who works at the firm Deep Knowledge Ventures, and Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov, who runs Insilico Medicine Inc. 

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Moldovan oligarch pledges $1 million prize to the first person that can live to be 123

Dmitry Kaminskiy made a bet with Dr Alex Zhavoronkov , PhD, CEO of anti-aging company Insilico Medicine Inc. for a million dollars in stock who would live beyond 100 years of age


Venture Capital Firm Hires Artificial Intelligence To Its Board Of Directors

Deep Knowledge Ventures said that the AI would help make financial and business decisions, help lead its research into biotechnology and regenerative medicine, and would act as an "equal member of the board".

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